Information about Shimrod Exchange


Welcome to Shimrod Exchange.

We solve these problems:

- We eliminate charges for selling and buying figures whilst offering a proper online market.
- We help you locate hard-to-find miniatures with our 'Requesting' listings. 
- We give you a single place to store details and photo's about what you want to trade; easy to use with Facebook
- We give painters, small traders and hobbyists a free place to advertise.

This is place for Selling, Swapping, Giving and Requesting miniatures.

Its a great place to showcase and sell your Tabletop Art.

Its a cool place to swap or discover classic minis.

This is a BRAND NEW site. So If you're here you are one of the first. That's GREAT news because its beta users like you that can help shape the community!

We are currently in soft launch, but spending significant amounts on promoting the site. So take advantage RIGHT AWAY!

Why not Create You First Listing (Its Free)

Why we built the site.

As a tool for people trading on groups like Facebook. Somewhere to store and manage your items for trade.

As a way to reach people through the web, rather then closed groups.

As a much cheaper alternative to eBay if you're actually selling to the public.

As a place where pro painters can showcase and sell their work.

Is it FREE?

The site is completely free to use. There's absolutely no costs for listing, exchanging, requesting or gifting.

If you want to use the peer-2-peer financial stuff, then we charge you nothing(PayPal fees apply)

You can read more here How To Use

Welcome. We hope you enjoy!